Ask, Believe And Receive- The Path To Happiness.

Have you mastered the path to happiness?

No matter the number of times you have failed to achieve a particular goal, give yourself no excuse not to ask and believe again.

If you need a particular thing, just one thing, don’t limit yourself to asking one person for it. Ask hundreds of people for it. Ask in many ways, adopt different approaches and don’t ask once. Once is seldom enough when you are just starting out and still very far away being known. Ask many times and believe.

Always believe that you are going to get what you are asking for. When you get a ‘No’, don’t take it as, ‘Give Up’, rather see it as a call to give up the ‘good idea’, then think more smartly and come up with a ‘better idea’, that can take you all the way up. Believe in possibilities always. When you meet those who don’t believe in you and your dreams, let their doubts inspire you not to give them any reason to have the last laugh. Believe and you will receive.

You will receive because you have mastered how to ask effectively and how to believe completely. You have mastered the process of attracting things to yourself. You will receive because you have mastered the path to happiness.


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      Thank you very much.


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