Promises And Commitments? Nobody Owes You Anything.

People will continue to make promises they don’t intend to keep. Why? So that they can have their way.

Self-interest first. Self-preservation first. Self first before others. Cruel isn’t it? But this is the reality of the world you are living in. Don’t be under any illusion, very few people are sincerely altruistic without hoping for a personal benefit.

So understand and make peace with the following;

1. Not all promises are kept,

2. Disappointments are real,

3. Things change and people change over time. Someone’s loyalty to you is only certain over a relevant period and discarded when conditions are no longer relevant.

4. Not every friend would be available every time you need them. Your best friend maybe going after what he considers more necessary than you when you really need him,

5. Things could go from best to worst or vice versa in a matter of minutes. If your fortune should suddenly dip, expect an end to existing commitments and promises.

However, your life and your happiness shouldn’t be tied to commitments and promises made by people. Rather you should always see every waking moment of your life, as a complete reason to be happy. Nobody really owes you anything but you owe yourself everything and it includes a daily promise to be happy no matter what.

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