Law Of Accumulation: Little By Little…

A consistent drip of water, that accumulates in a bucket, eventually becomes a volume that is useful.

Tiny efforts put into accomplishing small tasks on a consistent basis, would effortlessly produce a big result. Many big achievements are the reward for obeying the Law of Accumulation.

You can write hundreds of thousands of words within four months by consistently writing one thousand words everyday. You can start writing that book now.

You can save up a substantial amount of money and start the project few months from today just by saving consistently, a small amount every week. You can start saving now.

You can be the best in your field by consistently learning something new everyday and applying it to your daily life. You can start learning.

What we are and what we have are the accumulation of the knowledge we acquire and what we save up over a period of time. Nobody is born with anything.

Law of Accumulation
and Breakdown of the
Capitalist System
(Paperback) By
Henryk Grossmann at:

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