Seeking Harmony? You Are Not The Only One.

You are not the only one,
who desires to be loved,

and to be loved truly and completely,

it is your strong desire that,
you are understood, appreciated and wanted at all times;

you are not the only one, there’s always someone else;
someone else who desires you for the same reason,

so, you would be seeking emptiness if you are not prepared to give back in return. A harmony must be created,
because without harmony, there is no happiness and without harmony, there isn’t a strong shoulder to lean on;

therefore, when you desire something to treasure,
be prepared to give something of equal measure,

everybody seeks harmony,
everybody seeks stability in life,
so when they give out, they expect to receive back, something more or in the least, of equal proportion to what’s given out. Remember, this is for the sake of attaining or maintaining the state of balance which everybody desires.

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