How To Create Wealth By Giving.

“The returns from investing in poor people are just as
great as the returns from investing in the business world… and have even more meaning.” – Bill Gates.

Giving is always greater than receiving.

Giving excites nature to open doors to more blessings.

This is how it works;

Any time you give voluntarily, you make a kind of super spiritual investment. An investment that gives hope and happiness to the receiver. If the receiver should become a giver too, the environment of happiness and hope is expanded to create more givers.

More happiness and more hope eventually come back to you, the creator of the atmosphere for giving. It’s an environment of charity that causes people to show you love and give you attention. So you create more atmosphere for blessings by giving more.

The Man Who Fed the World (Hardcover) By Hesser Hesser at:

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