Trouble Is Expensive, Can You Really Stay Out Of It?

You can’t stop people from offending you, can you?

Being nice to everybody you meet, won’t make everybody you meet to be nice to you. Staying on your lane can’t encourage everyone to stay on their lane. Someone is always going to be impatient, self-centered and annoyingly obstructive. Someone is always going to look for your trouble no matter how much you try to stay out of it.

Trouble is expensive. It costs time and money. It drains your energy and adds zero or negative value to your self-improvement. So, doing what you can to avoid trouble is wise. But how can you remain wise in the face of unwarranted provocation? It’s by understanding that trying to prove who is right or who is wrong
is a waste of precious resources.

Refuse to be drawn into little fights. Accept to be called a coward for going against what many regard as a normal human imperfection. Often, what is normal to many, doesn’t yield positive result. Rarely when it does, the victory is pyrrhic.

Therefore, tt pays to turn away from everything wasteful, so that you can do what is useful. Now, it’s true that you can’t stop people from offending but you can stop them from wasting your time and your money.

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