Don’t Settle For Less When You Can Have More.

“A lion that barks and doesn’t roar,

shouldn’t complain when it gets less instead of more,

and it’s made to feed on crumbs instead

of having the lion’s share.” – Ayietim.

You will never settle for less when you know your true worth. You will never do it, not even to enjoy a second of reprieve. Rather, you will choose to continue working hard while going through the waiting period that is full of multiple rejections. That single acceptance that matters, will come as a product of not giving up.

It’s not easy to reject LESS when you have nothing. It’s not easy to say no to crumbs when you have a lion’s share of the bills to pay. But it becomes easy to reject less and ask for more, when you realize;

1. The value of what you are offering,

2. The uniqueness of what you are offering,

3. The necessity or usefulness of what you are offering and,

4. The satisfaction that comes from giving the world your all and leaving a lasting legacy.

Don’t settle for less in a world where few have more by being who they are and more have less for trying to be who they are not. You have the right to ask for more

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