Sacrifice: The Price Of Success.

Everything has a price and success is no exception.

When you pick on a venture and make up your mind to make a success of it, you should equally make up your mind to pay a price.

The price is also the sacrifice. Or what economists call opportunity cost. You must sacrifice your leisure, sometimes, you may have to sacrifice an existing friendship. You may have to walk away from where you are needed in order to get what you need. A painful sacrifice.

It may become absolutely necessary to break away from status quo. And go through the inconvenience of learning new things and making new friends. But at every point where part of the price for success is paid, a portion of the success achieved, no matter how insignificant it may appear, must be enjoyed.

Celebrating every little gain inspires and motivates you to continue to the end. It lightens the burden of the price. And more; it opens your eyes to the satisfaction that’s awaits you, when you make it to the end.


Robert Shaw: The Price of Success (Paperback) By
John French at:

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