Do You Still Like What You Loved About Your Partner? – Relationships.

Do you still like what you loved about your partner?

Or has the passage of time made you realize that falling in love and getting so deeply involved, was a big mistake?

As time changes, events change. With every new event comes a new experience. And the product of every new experience is an addition to your knowledge. You become aware of new facts and desires or a reinforcement of old ones is achieved. Your love life with decisions and commitments that affect it, also changes either negatively or positively with the passage of time.

As you get older in a relationship, you tend to seek clearer answers to where you are, what you really want, who you are with and who you should be with. You may be desperate to satisfy yourself that you are alright where you are. It is important to be certain of your level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction so as to avoid an unexpected crisis.

So, do you still like what you loved about your partner?

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