Who Is A Good Role Model?

Having a role model doesn’t mean forsaking who you truly are. Rather it is using a reliable template to work out a simpler, faster and a better path to your destination.

Having a role model doesn’t translate into having an idol you worship and doing everything your idol does or avoiding what your idol avoids.

Your role model, just like every human being is imperfect: makes mistakes, have strong points and weaknesses like you. So focus on learning from your model, those routines and beliefs that produce positive results in personal and professional life. While on it, internalize only those aspects that suit your personality and your passion.

Don’t copy everything! Why? Apart from the fact that not everything your role model does is good, there is at least one area of life, where you are stronger and better than your role model. Discover that area and dominate it. Then use it to launch yourself to greatness.

You too can be a good role model to millions.

Role Models (Paperback) By John Waters at:

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