Friends, Wolves And Sheep.

The proof of the
pudding is in the
eating. Very true.

It’s a world of
pretenders and real
contenders, with a lot
of people pretending
to be what they are
not just to get what
they don’t deserve. In
the process, they hurt
a lot of innocent
loving people, who
give willingly without
asking for anything in
return. But they still
end up getting something
in return. Something
bad. They are hurt and
called foolish for being
wise enough to know
that the hand of the
giver is always on top
of that of the receiver.
And this is hurting
everybody because
the world is having
fewer and fewer good

Now, are you are
planning to go bad
too? Please don’t!
They are other good
ones around. Learn to
spot them. You can do
this because you are
good too. No matter
the innocency of a
sheep’s clothing, the
eyes of the wolf
wearing it, will give it

Once in a while, shake
that friend up and turn them upside down, the way you shake a bottle of wine to check it’s fake. When this doesn’t give you what
you want, taste that
friendship on your
tongue. Chew it and
swallow it. If it doesn’t
upset you then it’s
okay but if it does,
heed the warning sign and run away as far as your legs can carry you. The proof of the pudding is in the
eating. This is very

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