Go Home ( 5 Steps To A Big ‘Comeback’).

It’s a hopeless situation, a very desperate situation when every door you knock, is slammed in your face.

Don’t feel depressed, go home. It’s either you have been knocking on the wrong doors or you have been knocking on the right doors, the wrong way. Go home and

1. Learn. Master what works for you and what doesn’t,

2. Master how to attract people and keep them,

3. Master the art of making a habit of doing what works for you everyday,

4. Learn how to recognize opportunities and make the best of them,

5. Master the art of maintaining self-dignity in the face of rejection.

Always remember that those who fail to try and try, fail to win at last.

Ayietim Blog makes The Top 25 Motivational Blogs on feedspot. Here is the link:

Top 100 Motivational Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2021

The Entrepreneurial
Spark: Recognizing
Opportunities and
Developing Them Into
Viable Businesses
José M. Romaguera PhD at:

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