The Healing Power Of A Smile.

“A warm smile is the
universal language of
kindness.” – William
Arthur Ward.

From this moment, make up your mind to give everyday, a warm smile to at least one person. There’s always a sad heart everywhere, in need of the healing power of a warm smile.

Start with that person in your neighbourhood, office , school or family, whose name or sight gives you a bad day. I understand you made up your mind never to have anything to do with the person, even if achieving your biggest dream depended on it. Now, can you forget about all the ‘I’s’ in your world for a moment and do something nice for the sake of someone else’s happiness.

Yea, I understand the risk involved. Taking the initiative may be interpreted as a weakness. You may be ignored but go ahead and heal a heart with a warm smile. Go ahead and do what others may call a weakness but which is actually a strength in the real sense. What’s popular is not always right. Remember, many people love the easy way but the easy way often proves to be a dead end. So go ahead, give the smile, light up someone’s world and find strength in what is perceived to be a weakness. It costs you nothing.


The Healing Power of a Smile, Free and Natural Power: Own It, Healing from the Inside Out (Paperback) By Bridgette V. Crawley

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