Getting Closer To The Big Bang.

Humankind has always wondered what secrets the universe was hiding
in its starry depths and striven to understand how we fit into the bigger picture. This curiosity is still strong, as demonstrated by the
number of powerful
telescopes that have
either been built
recently or are under

These include the
European Extremely
Large Telescope (E-ELT), The US Giant Magellan Telescope, the NASA’s James Webb telescope, the 500m Aperture Spherical Radio
Telescope (FAST) in
China and the internationally-led Large Synoptic Survey
Telescope and Square
Kilometre Array (SKA)

The astronomers
building the telescopes share a common goal: to resolve some of the
key issues and debates concerning dark energy, dark matter and black holes. They also hope to research the universe’s first galaxies, detect water and organic molecules in protoplanetary disks, improve our
understanding of the
formation of stars and
planets, as well as map Near-Earth asteroids and
the Milky Way.”


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