Self-Discipline Is A Must For Every Child. – Parenting.

Your children are worth more than every possession you have, so do your best to build a straight path to a great future and get them on it.

Without getting your children to develop self-discipline as a habit, the task of guiding them to a bright future will be impossible. Because they may not come along with you. They may not see the need to trust your wisdom; a product of experience.

If they wouldn’t come with you, they would definitely construct their paths and follow them. They may end up making those mistakes you desperately want them to avoid. Some of those mistakes may prove costly. The consequences may cause them to lose the passion for hard work. Where the passion for hard work is absent, the passion for delinquency is present. With such a passion, it’s a bleak future. No true parent wants that.

If you don’t want that, then you must teach your children the virtue of self-discipline. In a world where children see play as work, it is important to make sure that your children imbibe self-discipline. It gives them the ability to separate work from play.

Teaching Children Self-Discipline at Home and at School (Hardcover)
By Dr. Thomas Gordon

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