Aravind Adiga On When You Stop Being A Slave.

The moment you recognize what is beautiful in this world, you stop being a slave -Aravind Adiga,

A Slave by choice, this is who most of us.

Our addictions have turned most of us to slaves. And in rare moments of sober reflection, you realize that this is the major cause of your unhappiness.

You are not happy when you are unable to feed an addiction that’s shared by members of your social circle. You curse your luck, blame others, do everything negative except having a positive awareness of those beautiful things in front of you. What are these beautiful things?

You find them and keep them when you realize the limitlessness of your freedom. You don’t need anybody to like you before you love yourself. You don’t need anybody to accept who you are before you accept yourself. You can only be you and no other. If you don’t like anything about you, then feel free to work hard to improve yourself. Enjoy yourself, be a slave to nothing. You can actually live a better life without the difficulties of trying fruitlessly, to get those things you are dying to get.

Life and death don’t go side by side. One gives you the freedom to live your sweetest dreams. And that’s life. Choose to live beautifully and freely.

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