10s First, Before 100s.

Some want to count in 100s,
before learning to count in 10s,

so they continue to wait for that some day,
when the miraculous blessing will rain on them,

they continue to wait and hope,

to live the lie and hate the truth,

it’s the top they love,

for them, the foundation isn’t the floor,

in their world of no beginnings, no challenges and no mistakes,

it’s the desired end that must come first,

this is an illusion,

no wonder most are living in frustration;

nature is a great teacher,

learn from it and become wiser,

you must first master the simple ones,

then stand on them to launch forward,

you want to live on the moon some day?

Then build your rocket first on earth,

if you must stay alive,

you must first survive,

everything in life begins before progressing,

there’s hardly a great achievement without a little beginning,

so if you really want to count in 100s,

mastering the 10s first makes common sense.

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