I Want You To Know.

Today the grass is my home,

by tomorrow, it won’t be no more,

today, you can laugh at me,
as hard as you can,

it’s going to be very short-lived,
because soon, I’m leaving the grass,

I’m not going to roll over and die,

I am working as hard as I can,

to go to where the grass is greener,

to a better place and all thanks to your laughter,

your mockery is inspiring me,

your unbelief is the key I need,

to open the sesame into my undiscovered talent,

your derisive words have a giant in me, awaken;

go ahead and doubt me but I know my believers don’t,

they have told me so but I am going to do this for you;

I want to heal the cancer of pride in your heart,

I want you to know that you have to stoop to conquer,

I want you to know that no matter where you are today,

with that pride in your heart, you are far from reaching your best,

to get there you must first be humble,

pride, is what preceeds a downfall.

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