The Dog’s Tail And True Love.

Would the dog be man’s best friend,
without its tail?

Hello, wait let me explain;

every dog barks but the tail holds the truth,

with its tail, your dog tells you what to do,

most times, when your dog wags its tail excitedly at you,

you can relax in the comfort of a friendship that’s true,

otherwise, there’s danger at the door,

so like the tail and the dog,
like the heart and true love,

loving without caring is like water with oil, they don’t mix,

you can’t love truly without putting your heart into it,

hurting the one you love is breaking your own heart,

if you truly love yourself, you will not take you life,

when trouble comes, you will not break up,

rather you will choose to make up,

just like you will not cut off your dog’s tail when it signals danger,

choose to care for the heart of the one you love rather than tear it apart.

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