Once Is Okay, Always Breaks The Bones.

Do you have a family or a friend, who only sees you as where to ALWAYS run, to be given, fed and comforted, without ever giving back ONCE?

And have you ALWAYS regarded it as your responsibility to give and ‘the taker’s’ right to be given only to complain to others about it? If this is you then you need to face to truth.

Face the truth; you are fed up, aren’t you? Then demand that you be left alone. Tell that family member or friend that the extra burden is breaking your bones. Let them know that ‘once-in-a-while’ is okay but making it a routine is robbing you of your personal happiness, comfort and time. If they loved you, they would understand.

You need to realize that if you were no longer able to provide for them, they would be okay. They would immediately find your replacement and would move on without you. So, do the right thing at ONCE and move on with or without them.

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