Reasons You Should Give Your Children Chores.- Parenting Research.

Leaving your children to play video games and live virtually on the net, is preparing them for a life of irresponsibility.

On the other hand, assigning chores to your children, make them more successful at school and helps them develop self-discipline, confidence and strength of character.

At what age should you start assigning chores to your children? Research says;

But first, “The Benefits of Chores;

The Research
Even though it is more difficult at the time to persist in having children do chores, kids benefit from the experience.

Research indicates
that those children
who do have a set of
chores have higher
self-esteem, are more
responsible, and are
better able to deal
with frustration and
delay gratification, all
of which contribute
to greater success in

Furthermore, research
by Marty Rossman*
shows that involving
children in household
tasks at an early age
can have a positive
impact later in life. In
fact, says Rossman,
“the best predictor of
young adults’ success
in their mid-20’s was
that they participated
in household tasks
when they were three
or four.”

Life Skills;

Doing chores gives a
child the opportunity
to give back to their
parents for all you do
for them. Kids begin to see themselves as
important contributors
to the family. They feel a connection to the family.

Holding them
accountable for their
chores can increase a
sense of themselves as responsible and
actually make them
more responsible.
Children will feel more capable for having met their obligations and
completed their tasks.

One of the most
frequently sited causes of over-indulgence stems from parents
doing too much for
their children and not
expecting enough of
them. Not being taught the skills of everyday living can limit children’s ability to function at age
appropriate levels.

For example:

5-year-old Sara
goes to kindergarten
and is one of
the few students who
has no idea how to put on and button her
own coat.

Sam, age 7, goes to a friend’s house for dinner but does not know how to pour
juice for himself.
Fast forward to Beth who at age 18 goes
away to college
not knowing how to do her own laundry.
By expecting children
to complete self-care
tasks and to help with
household chores,
parents equip children
with the skills to
function ndependently
in the outside world.

With only so many
hours in a day, parents need to help children decide how to spend their time and to determine what is most important.


If you let children off
the hook for chores
because they have too
much schoolwork or
need to practice a
sport, then you are
saying, intentionally or not, that their
academic or athletic
skills are most important.
And if your children fail a test or fail to block the winning shot, then they have failed at what you deem to be most important. They
do not have other
pillars of competency
upon which to rely.
By completing
household tasks, they
may not always be the
star student or athlete, but they will know that they can
contribute to the
family, begin to take
care of themselves, and learn skills that they will need as an adult.”


Part I – Benefits of Chores

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