Les Brown- Want to Win at Life?…POUNCE on Opportunity!

“Want to Win at Life? Be Ready to POUNCE on Opportunity!

I see people all the time who never achieve their dreams. It’s heartbreaking.
But the sad part isn’t that they never get their big break. The sad part is that their big break comes…
and they’re not ready!
Instead, they hesitate.
They come up with all
sorts of excuses.

They’re not bold. They’re not ready to pounce!

It’s not enough to have a dream. We have to be ready when opportunity
knocks. When Providence moves, we don’t want to be caught flat footed. We
need to move along with it, or it’s going to pass us by.

But we never know
when we’re going to get our shot at our dreams. So…

– We need to be alert
– We need to be prepared
– We need to be HUNGRY!

I remember many times in my life where that made
all the difference. Here’s one:

Before I was a speaker, I was a radio personality. But breaking into radio
was a huge challenge. I was young, had no
experience or education, and no one wanted to give me a chance. I went to the local radio station every day for months, until I finally wore down the owner and
got a job fetching coffee from the commissary and
VIPs from the airport (I didn’t even have a driver’s license, but I drove like I did.)

Of course, my dreams
were bigger than being a “gofer”. I wanted to be a
radio disc jockey! But it looked like I would never get my shot. I was a nobody.

Still, I keep my eyes open for my opportunity. One day, one of the DJs couldn’t finish his segment
and I was there, watching and waiting. None of the
other DJs were in the
building. In desperation, my boss told me to take over the controls. I pounced. I was going on the air!

That started a long career in radio, and eventually led to my becoming a motivational speaker.
But if I had not been ready to pounce on that opportunity, I might still be fetching coffee today. It’s the same for anyone
reading this. It’s about
being ready to say “yes” to opportunity when it comes.” – Les Brown.

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