Sometimes, In A Relationship, A Good Fight Is Necessary.

Don’t run away from a good fight.

Yea, don’t shy away from disagreeing and demanding that you are heard before you are shouted down. It pays everybody, when you get the burden off your heart and save your heart from the poison of malice.

Also, the other party benefits from that honest outburst, because genuine feelings are well understood. The understanding sets the tone for effective management of misunderstandings and strengthening of the bond of relationships.

So, sometimes when you feel aggrieved, let out the steam but don’t fail to listen to reasons and accept apologies. Every quarrel is an opportunity to talk frankly about concealed disappointments and frustrations in a relationship. And it’s also an opportunity to make the relationship stronger by taking advantage of the reconciliation window.

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  1. Thomas says:

    interesting, its a good one


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