Do You Think That The New Google Job Aggregation Site Will Make Job Search Easier?

Do you think that the new Google jobs API will make job search, recruitment and selection easier for employers and job seekers? First, what is The Google Jobs API?

“The Google Jobs API utilizes two proprietary ontologies to deliver results that match both employers’ and job seekers’ needs. The occupational ontology, based on the O*Net Standard Occupational Classification, includes 30 broad job categories on top, followed by 1,100 occupational families, and then 250,000 specific occupations.

The skill ontology includes 50,000 specific hard and soft skills with various relationships. The Google search technology allows users to filter job searches by various criteria — for example, commuting distance or specific methods of transportation — such as bus, rail or car. It can filter by seniority, benefits, employment type or other information. Google tested the API with several partner firms, including Johnson & Johnson, FedEx, CareerBuilder and HealthSouth. Eighteen percent of applicants at Johnson & Johnson were more likely to apply for work once the technology was added to the mix,

Pichai said. The technology was able to search for jobs across all levels of experience and wage levels, including jobs that are particularly hard to search for, such as retail and hospitality jobs. “The Google Jobs API on the J&J careers site enables candidates to find open positions across the company in a much more intuitive and relevant way,” said Sjoerd Gehring, global vp of talent acquisition at Johnson & Johnson. “Based on completely different search technology and a different taxonomy, the Google Jobs API is able to serve up more relevant jobs which the candidate might have missed out on otherwise,” he told TechNewsWorld. “Ultimately, this partnership brings more relevant jobs to candidates, creating more economic opportunity.”


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