Walk Tall, The Stench Is Not Your Fault.

It’s so difficult to get people ( locals and foreigners) to take you seriously, when you are coming from a part of the world, notorious for all the wrong reasons.

The stench is so offensive, that you are shut up before you could talk, you are avoided before you arrive and you are written off before you could make a point. Your best intentions are a suspect.

As a matter of fact, everything you try to do to make life easy for you and others turns out to make life difficult for ONLY you.

So should you go into hiding or roll over and die because you are a victim of what you had no input or control over? No!

No matter how strong the stench is, keep on doing beautiful things, keep on being strong so that you can help the weak. Keep on doing what you can to help out those in need.

Keep contributing positively and generously to charity. Charity is for givers and givers are respected, regardless of the stench or the stigma attached to where they are coming from. The stigma is a human creation and no human being has ever attained perfection.

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