Surviving Bumps On The Road To Success.

The road to success is never smooth. This you must know.

There are bumps on the road but they are never permanent and they don’t withstand the pressure of perseverance. How did Daisy Cakes overcome bumps on the road to success?

“On a Saturday afternoon, some five years after Kim Nelson appeared on Shark Tank, she’s standing in the Pauline, South Carolina, commercial kitchen of her company, Daisy Cakes, sifting powdered sugar “so it’s perfectly smooth and there won’t be a single bump or bubble in the icing.” As she sifts, Nelson reflects on the time since she handed slices of her carrot, red velvet and lemon cakes to the Sharks and landed Barbara Corcoran as her investor and mentor.

Just because Nelson has turned into what Corcoran has called one of the best deals she’s made in the eight seasons of ABC’s business-reality show doesn’t mean you can stop sifting sugar, even on weekends. “The lengths we go to are ridiculous,” Nelson says, “but we want our customers to love every single thing about our cakes—from taste to packaging—and have an eyes-rolling-back-in- their-heads experience when they take that first bite.”

Still, Nelson has discovered that although you can smooth every ripple out of cake batter and icing, you can’t avoid some bumps on the road to success.

Nelson went from selling 2,000 cakes in two years pre-Shark Tank to the same amount of orders in the first 48 hours after the episode aired. Corcoran found a large- production bakery in Savannah, Georgia, to handle the increased demand. “I loved our new baker,” Nelson says, “and they loved us. All seemed wonderful.” Until Daisy Cakes landed a spot on QVC. That’s when the production bakery Nelson was using to create her goods fired them as a customer because the bakery was selling its own cakes on QVC. “Now we were competition,”


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