7 Powerful Keys To Influence People And Events Favourably.

Do you want to be a leader, influence people to do what you want and dictate major events around you? Then you must understand what people react favourably to, what engages people’s attention and gets them to be actively involved.

Knowing and doing things which galvanize people towards you require a conscious effort on your part.

You must;

1. Work on yourself to achieve the ability to think straight and have clarity of vision. Then build a strong character; a strong self-discipline that makes you execute plans as scheduled,

2. Identify your natural ability and use it as a pivot to get attention,

3. Develop your identified natural ability through continuous self-improvement efforts,

4. Pay attention to intuition. Don’t be quick to discard it. It maybe triggered by a plan that was well thought out and saved in a long term memory,

5. Reach out to others and build quality relationships. Learn as much as you can from those who seem to know a little extra than you .

6. See challenges as an opportunity to test the depth of your knowledge and experience. It doesn’t mean you should quit when you can’t overcnme them, it only means you should dig deeper and get better,

7. Use your past success as a source of inspiration to dream to influence bigger events and a larger population.

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