5 Positive Things To Do When Your Wife Doesn’t Support Your Dream.- Relationships.

Men are natural risk takers while women have an aversion for taking risks. Naturally also, you may not have the support of your wife when you choose to jump off the edge of the cliff and hope to grow wings on your way down.

So what do you do when your wife doesn’t support your dream?

1. You must show understanding and demonstrate a high level of toleramce. Yes you must understand that her refusal to support you is borne out of love and fear. She loves you so much that she is scared of ruining what both of you have together and possibly, losing you to a life of depression.

You must also tolerate her.

2. Try telling her everything about your dream, risks you are taking to make it a reality and why it must be that dream and nothing else. Telling her everything means sharing with her prospects and problems of the dream and, fears and concerns you have about the success of your dream .

3. Try to accomodate her passion in your quest to fulfill your dream. Don’t ever be under the impression that since she doesn’t support, she can’t contribute positively with her talent. There’s always a chance that she could be useful somewhere.

4. Avoid the urge to talk about you and your dream every time you have a discussion with your wife. Rather talk about the family and her projects more,. Offer useful suggestions where necessary and reassure her of your constant undiluted support.

5. When every approach fails to earn you her support, don’t stop loving her and don’t stop taking calculated risks to turn your dream into reality. When you succeed, she will be your first and most loyal fan.

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