When Courage Appears, It Gives You Wings.

So many people in the world today are so afraid to get it wrong or make mistakes and be laughed at.

At the end, they are too cautious that they do nothing, they just tag along and get nothing positive in return for their passiveness, except derision and frustration.

While the few, who are not deterred as subjects of temporary derisive jokes by indolent minds, push through their mistakes to the point of correctness, acceptability and respect. Ever wondered, why only very few out of a large army of people in the world are so successful? The reason is- Their courage to be wrong while continuing to seek the right answers, gives them wings to soar above every limitation to the final destination.

Now, join this group of few imperfect human beings and live your dream. Success is never equal to perfection, it’s an apsoximation of perfection achieved through the consistent search for self-actualization.

So, overcome that fear now. The best antidote to fear is to do what it is telling you not to do. Resist fear and courage will appear. And when courage appears, it gives you wings to fly to great heights. Be Happy. Be Inspired. Be Bold

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