The Edge A Risk Taker Has.

Should everybody take risks?

No! Not everybody should take risks because everybody can’t take the risk to attempt to do things outside the comfort zone. Not everyone could endure being ‘counted out’ or ignored by friends and loved ones for doing or attempting to do the occupationally unacceptable. Many are not, in all sincerity, comfortable in finding out what the unknown holds. But most of the few who overcome the the dread and inconvenience to find out, succeed.

They succeed in demystifying one more unknown and much more. They end up helping many people to solve a particular problem and consequently, make living much more comfortable.

Those who are afraid of taking risks hardly rise to the plane where excitement and happiness are a way of life. Those who don’t take the risk to pursue their dreams, at some point of their existence, have the life of regrets as a daily companion. They later have regrets about chances not taken, opportunities missed and fears not suppressed. The one who doesn’t take risks, tend to live and die a failure.

Are you about to take a risk? Go ahead.

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