This Will Change: Good Or Bad Times

Where are you right now? At the point where the grass is green, the flowers are fresh and blossoming and the water is calm? Or you are on a rough and patchy road, where the wild beasts are circling and the storm is gathering?

Wherever you are, don’t forget, ‘This Will Change’.

Celebrate your good times, share them with friends and pray for your enemy. Save up a portion of it, stay humble and touch lives positively for this could change without notice. Above all, stay happy for tomorrow may or may never come.

But if you are going through your season of tears, dry your eyes for you can’t tell what tomorrow brings. Today, you may be the one knocking on doors and getting rejected, tomorrow you could be the one opening doors for frustrated beings at the point of frustration. So be happy because things always change.

Things always change and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. Ours is to do the hard work and stay happy through thick and thin and let nature allot the moments and times. And never let wherever you are right now to define you in concrete terms, that is, be who you are consistently, when things change for either bad or good.

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