The Price Sometimes.

For everything, there’s a price,

to breath, you must be alive,
and there’s a price for that:

when you are alive, it’s either you succeed or you fail,

either way there’s a price we all pay,

the price for success is hard work,

the price for failure may sometimes be bad luck,

sometimes you may forgo all but work,

because the goal is all you want,
at the end, they all come to nought,

forgive yourself and move on by trying again,

the price for victory maybe high but it doesn’t despise little beginnings,

so, when the price you pay is high
and the reward is disappointinly low,

move on! next time, you may pay low and get more,

sometimes, the price of gem may be a shilling,

very inexplicable maybe a mystery,
but that’s the way life is.

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