9 Secrets Of A Happy Marriage, Celebs Don’t Know.

Celebs fail to have a successful marriage because they don’t know the secrets of a happy marriage. What are these secrets? Let’s find out.

“Of course no marriage is perfect, but many are happy. Happy marriages
have difficulties, but there is an abiding sense of ‘us’,
not just ‘you and me’.
Follow these strategies (both of you) and who knows – maybe you’ll be telling me fifty years hence of all the health,
psychological benefits, and happiness you’ve enjoyed. So first:

1) Be realistic with your relationship
Romance is wonderful and seeing the best in your partner is a sure way to maintain love and intimacy. But you are going to have years with
your spouse, so you need to be able to except some imperfections. In the first throes of passion, the object of our romantic
focus may seem perfect but then we discover their
‘feet of clay’. At this point, for the marriage to last we
need to see beyond
personal weaknesses and foibles – after all, no one is perfect. All marriages need
work sometimes;
expecting it all to be
effortless or that it ‘should’ always be perfect creates
disappointment (as
unrealistic expectations
always do).
Idealize your partner, by all means – but remember
they are human.

2) Sorry should not be
the hardest word
Ever noticed how some people can never apologize, never admit
they were wrong, never say, “Sorry”? Yes? Well, those are the ones who
are much less likely to
become or stay married A survey conducted in San
Francisco (3) found that people who stay happily married are twice as likely
to be able and willing to apologize to their partners as divorced or single people are. The survey found happily married
people are 25% more
likely to apologize first, even if they only feel partially to blame. The harder divorced and single people found it ever to
apologize or make
conciliatory gestures, the more likely they were to stay single.
Romance and passion may bring couples together, but compromise and
respect will keep them there. Learn to say sorry.

3) Drive those
riders out of town
Some couples argue
passionately but still have a happy marriage. Others
argue less but when they do, the relationship is
severely damaged. What’s the difference?
It’s not whether you argue but how you argue that
determines the likelihood
that your marriage will survive long-term. US psychologist John Gottman has spent almost
two decades studying the interaction of couples. He
can now reliably tell (with up to 95% accuracy!)
which couples are
destined for relationship
breakdown and which are likely to stay together by
listening to the first five minutes of a contentious
Gottman highlights four factors that rot
relationships. He calls
these (dramatically) the ‘Four Riders of the
Apocalypse’. They are:”

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