Q: What If Your Ex Wants To Come Back?- Relationship.

What if your ex wants to come back?

Find out;

1. Independently what your ex has been up to, who he has been with and why he is quitting to come back to you,

2. Your level of commitment to a new relationship, that is, if you are in a new one,

3. If you are in a new relationship and whether or not you are deep into it, assess the following:

a. Having experienced both worlds, you should be better placed to gauge their level of seriousness with you in terms of the quality of time devoted to you,

b. Accessibility and quality of communication. You could be with someone without having access to the person’s inner recesses where the true person lives. This could be because he doesn’t talk much about himself, his interests and his fears. He neither volunteers nor answers.

3. Why you? Find out from him. Take your time to study the development before you say ‘No’ or ‘Yes’,

it is alright to give someone a second chance when they realize their mistakes, come back to apologize because they are remorseful and want you back be cause they now appreciate you worth. But be careful how you handle it. You wouldn’t want to fall a victim the second time, would you?

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