Alain de Botton’s 6 Lovely Gifts To Us- Relationship.

The world is full of crazy things that love alone can make meaningful. It is full of so many wounded hearts, hurting and searching for healing and the chance, to hit back but love alone can save us all. If we are helpless without love, then let us get help from love. Let us love one another, not for any reason but because this is the only way, no matter its illusionment and meaninglessness, to true peace and happiness.

Read below and enjoy Alain de Botton’s 6 lovely gifts to us:

1. Marriage: a hopeful,
generous, infinitely kind gamble taken
by two people who don’t know yet who they are or who the
other might be, binding themselves to a future they
cannot conceive
of and have carefully
omitted to investigate.

2. We don’t need to be constantly reasonable in order to have
good relationships; all
we need to have mastered is the occasional capacity to
acknowledge with good grace that we may, in one or two
areas, be somewhat

3. Few in this world
are ever simply nasty; those who hurt us are
themselves in pain. The appropriate
response is hence never

4. cynicism nor aggression but, at the rare moments one
can manage it, always love.

5. Love is a skill, not just an enthusiasm.

6. We should add
that it is a privilege to be the recipient of
a sulk: it means the other person respects
and trusts us enough to think we should
understand their unspoken hurt. It is one of the odder gifts
of love. Eventually.

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