Happiness Is Experienced And Not Achieved.

Before you take any decision, be patient enough to ascertain that an unattractive outcome would not cause a ‘depreciation’ in value, of your state of happiness.

Every action you take should be done consciously to increase your level of happiness. This should be higher in value and in priority than every other consideration.

Why? Does it make sense to set a goal, work hard to achieve it and find little or no joy in the fruit of your labour? It doesn’t because it would mean that valuable resources have been wasted to acquire something worthless.

It is sensible that an adequate protection against the feeling of dissatisfaction precedes every commitment to act. Therefore, before you act; be sure your state of happiness is not a direct product of the proposed action and the desired outcome.

Your level of happiness shouldn’t be made a product or a by-product of goals and attainment of goals. See your personal happiness as the core of your being, which every other thing in your life depends on for success and not the other way round.

How do you maintain a satisfactory level of happiness?

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