Why You Must Understand What Trapped Emotion Is.

What is trapped emotion?
What is Energy psychology?

“The Emotion Code
(devised by Dr Bradley
Nelson) is an example of Energy psychology, and like other holistic
therapies, treatments and systems it revolves around
releasing trapped
emotions (negative
energy) from the body.

To understand what a
trapped emotion is we must first understand that
EVERYTHING is energy – well, we don’t need to understand it exactly but to recognise it as the
scientific fact that it is.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t really understand how electricity works but
we know and believe the light will come on when we flick the switch. We know we’ll get some answers when we
“google” a question
without really
understanding how the internet works. In addition to everything being energy, everything vibrates at different frequencies – the higher the better – so there is
truth in the popular
phrases “good vibes” and “bad vibes”- good vibes being things that make us feel better ie raise our
vibrations and bad vibes being the ones that lower our vibrations and leave
us feeling worse.
Now we come to the fact that everything – even abstract things – are made of energy and have vibrations – namely our EMOTIONS and THOUGHTS.

When we think a thought we are actually letting
that energy pass through our bodies – good thoughts will be higher in vibrations and therefore healthier for us which is why POSITIVE THINKING is
such a big deal.
It’s not easy to control our thoughts and there has been a lot of research into this. My two favourites are
the wonderful pioneer in this field Louise Hay who
recommends repeating positive affirmations which, in my experience
definitely work although more recent
developments and
techniques have proved to be much quicker. Secondly,
the amazing Bruce Lipton PhD who is currently bridging the perceived gap between science and
spirituality with his work on the physical effects of our emotions and thoughts (The Biology of Belief, 2007).
Anyway, I digress. The
point is that when we feel something (emotion) it is
in the form of energy
passing through our

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