Ignore The Trend And Get Ignored.

Not getting anything done doesn’t stop someone, somewhere from getting big things done.

Not knowhng what is happening doesn’t stop something of significance from happening around you.

Therefore, you can only ignore updates on changes or trends developing around you at your own risk. Being ignorant of them doesn’t make you escape their impacts: positive or negative. So what should do?

It’s not necessary to follow every trend but it’s important you understand the direction the world is following. This is because the world follows the ‘common’ market where people sell and buy basic things.

Influencers or key players in this market move the world and they decide who gets what and what quantity each gets. Every influencer is both a buyer and a seller, ranked according to the degree of necessity of what the bring to the market to exchange. So if you are ignorant of what’s happening, how can you provide what moves the market. And when you don’t provide what’s relevant, you are ignored.

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