Anger: Managing The Thorn In The Heart.

Often, you tend to do crazy things when you are angry.

Crazy things which you often regret you did when you have ‘sobered up’ (anger is a state of drunkenness).

Why do you have those regrets? Because you sometimes, in moments of anger, do and say things that instantly stop you from moving forward. Or, if not instantly, the consequence of an action taken in the heat of anger, could come back to hunt you in future?

Therefore, anger management is very important if you wish to make a big impact in the social environment. To tame anger you must learn and master the act of responding very slowly to unpleasant ‘stimuli’. Delay your reaction intentionally. Resist the temptation to rise to the challenge of every argument just ‘to prove a point’. What ‘point’? A point that’s not relevant Or which doesn’t contribute anything positive to the pursuit of your dream? You gain nothing for winning an informal argument except more ‘secret enemies’. Now, in this world where progress depends on the richness and reliability of your network or connections, who needs enemies? So, don’t you think it is wise to walk away those things which could get you mad even at the risk of being seen as a coward?

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