A Tough Nut And Intelligence In The Head.

When God gives you a nut, he doesn’t crack it for you but gives you the brain to figure out how to crack it yourself.

Nobody’s nut is tougher than their natural intelligence. The problem is, those who are too lazy to push the limits never surmount their challenges.

Challenges don’t show up to punish you, they show up to toughen you and give you the tools to use and solve difficult problems in simple ways. But when you start complaining about your problems and challenges, you stop yourself from pushing those limits in order to raise your level of intelligence.

Raising your level of intelligence requires conscious efforts at self-development. It requires writing down, applying and tracking plausible solutions to a problem. It is a habit that you can form. All you need to do is to change your victim mentally and start cracking those tough nuts by first, believing that you can.

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