Parent-Child Conflict: 7 Reasons You Must Avoid It.- Parenting.

Parent-child conflict is real and has always been there. It’s a vicious cycle because victims often go on to become unintentional aggressors in future, usually, in the same family lineage.

A parent-child conflict is the uncomfortable situation where parents hardly agree with their children on anything. It is a cause of serious emotional trauma for most parents and it causes a sense of total alienation on the part of children.

What are the causes of a parent-child conflict?

1. The first and major cause is communication breakdown between a parent and a child and,

2. Absence of quality time for both parent and child to know each other better.

The latter cause is a direct consequence of the former.

Now, can I ask you a question? As a parent, should anything be more important to you than raising your child to be a better replica of you? I don’t think there should be because every dream ends when you are gone but your legacy could only be effectively sustained by a worthy child.

It is therefore necessary that you find the time to talk and listen to your child in order to avoid a conflict. If not for anything else, do it for the following 7 reasons;

1. To stop your child from making independent decisions that are wrong,

2. To stop your child from turning to unsuitable role models who can’t think and act right,

3. You need to monitor your child’s progress at every stage of developmenj in order to detect when standards are not met. But this wouldn’t be possible in a conflict situation,

4. To know when the child is about getting into problem or is already in it,

5. Where there is no conflict, transfering family values and culture to your child is seamless and the family as a primary agent of socialization, functions effectively,

6. Where there is no conflict, the child sees you the parent and the family together, as a source of comfort, true love and peace. The child regards the home as the only place where there is safety,

7. When and where there is no parent-child conflict, you, the parent, are at your best to set big goals and achieve them. Yes, because there is stability, peace and love at home.

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