How To Build A Strong Character In 5 Simple Ways.

The leader is separated from the crowd of followers on the basis of strength of character.

People follow who they can trust, believe in and rely on to lead them to abundance, safety, freedom and peace.

Therefore, for you to lead and, be respected and accepted as a leader, you must strengthen your character by;

1. Seeking the truth and living a life that reflects complete honesty,

2. Being bold to say what you mean and mean what you say at all times even at the risk of being wrong. But you must also have the courage to quickly accept your mistakes once they are pointed out to you,

3. Being compassionate. Have the heart to empathize with people. Try to sincerely understand what others are going through and always, do the best you can to help,

4. Being calm in the midst of the storm. Don’t overreact to situations. Overreacting is likely going to scare those who are looking up to you for strength and direction,

5. Placing yourself, your needs and problems after those of others. Everybody has a problem and nobody is honestly, asking for an extra burden. Everybody is seeking solutions to their problems. So offer yourself freely as a solution and become a natural leader to those you help.

WATCH The Video ‘CHARACTER’ by John Maxwell

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