Are You Broke? Then You Are Closer To Financial Freedom.

Are you broke? Then you are more closer to financial freedom than at any other time. But financial freedom will not come from giving in to frustration, instead it will come from giving expression to your spirit of creativity and innovation.

Read and draw inspiration from Goodwill Mokoka’s story below:

“Goodwill Mokoka
was broke. But what
could have been a
crisis point was a gift
to the young artist.
Having nothing
meant that all he
could do was create.

Without traditional
artistic resources,
Mokoka began to
piece together
broken, discarded
waste material. And
by repurposing trash
he gave purpose to
his life.

His motivation was
to help children. His
desire was to develop affordable, relatable toys to rival big brand
products and inspire
fun in poor communities.

Injected with the
positivity of their
adopted maker, the
assemblages of
apparently useless
bits and pieces grew
into unique characters. “Let’s
make these things
accessible to the kids
who don’t have, and
they will value it
more than they will
ever value that
Barbie,” says Mokoka.”


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