A Strong Case For Reading To Your 6- Month-Old – Research.

Life and nature will never cease to amaze. The more you think you know about life and development of the human mind, the less you actually know.

A new study confirms that the benefits of reading to babies last for years.

Catherine Pearson writing under the title, “The Scientific Case For Reading To Your 6-Month-Old”, lists the benefits:

“When your sweet,
drooling baby seems
more interested in
chowing down on books than listening or looking at the pictures, it’s easy
for a parent to wonder…is my kid really getting anything out of this?
But the answer, according to new research presented at the recent Pediatric American Societies Meeting last week, is a resounding yes.

Researchers followed
more than 250 mom-
baby pairs recruited from a large, urban hospital. They monitored them from when the babies were 6 months until they’d turned 4-and-a- half.
The researchers asked the moms how many days a week they read to their children, as well as how high-quality their reading
time was. That means
doing things like pointing to the pictures in the book and talking about them, study lead Carolyn Cates, a research assistant
professor in the department of ediatrics at New York University School of Medicine, told HuffPost.

Overall, the researchers found both the quantity and quality of early reading had an effect on literacy skills in
toddlerhood. The effects of quality reading also seemed to be more long-lasting, leading to measurable differences in early reading and literacy
skills by the time the
children turned 4-and-a- half.”

READ MORE at http://huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-scientific-case-for-reading-to-your-6-month-old_us_5910ca2de4b0104c735165b6?section=us_parents/

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