It hurts so much…

.,when the one you trust with your whole heart is the one that lays you bare before your enemy. The hurt is worse when your betrayer is a family member.

When this happens, does seeking revenge bring healing. Or does going through the traumatic experience quietly without having any desire to seek revenge, bring permanent relieve, healing, peace and strengthening of your core value?

Revenge could bring relieve but not permanent healing to a heart that has been hurt so much. Revenge may open up a cycle of vengeance that would hurt more people including more loved ones.

So choose to walk away and nurse your hurting heart back to a life of forgiveness. A heart filled with a vengeful desire has no space for anything progressive. It is weighed down by a longing to go back to the past, to hurt in an attempt to undo a hurt. It doesn’t work because it doesn’t lighten any burden.

Love lightens every burden. Love heals every hurt. Love is strength. And if you are not strong, you can’t make progress.

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