A Friend Or A Gossip? Beware!

Beware of that friend who has nothing else to share with you except the bad things, someone you know said about you.

Beware of every gossip who masquerades as a good friend that reveals your enemies and their secrets to you. Take their stories with a pinch of salt because the better part of their stories are cooked up. Their stories are often half truths designed to enslave you to them and alienate you from others.

And when you are with a gossip, beware of what you say. Reveal no secret because if you should, it would immediately be placed in the public domain in its most distorted form. So don’t allow any gossip to waste your time and pollute your space with unproductive discussions.

Rather spend your time and share your space with people who tell you things that bring out the best in you. Sit down with great teachers and drink from their endless streams of knowledge. Submit yourself to life coaches and allow them lead you to your dream life. Life is short. Beware of time wasters.

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