Facts And Figures, The Bases Of Reliable Self-Appraisal.

When you have facts and figures to guide your planning, execution and performance evaluation, you find it easy to cut off from distractions that plague daily living. With distractions off, you are able to focus on following the road that should lead you to your goal.

So, before you make more plans for the future, gather your facts and figures: data and information from reliable sources (personal and non-personal) and use them as the basis for coming up with realistic plans (both operational and derivatives).

Measure the result of every performance against already set personal figures. Avoid the temptation to score yourself higher than what is factual as this illusion wouldn’t encourage you to work harder in order to improve.

Commend yourself where you exceed your targets but when you fall below those predetermined numbers, ask hard questions, search for answers, prepare better and try again.

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