What’s Your Opinion On?

It’s okay that you have your opinion on this and that. But it’s not okay to have an opinion on everything talked about in everyday conversations. Why?

You are not an expert of everything. Therefore, having an opinion which is not based on facts and figures is a minus from your personality. You constitute yourself into a nuisance when you wobble your way through a field you know nothing about.

Also, when you want to have an opinion on every topical issue, you pass up the chance of listening and learning from experts. And you may not have such an opportunity any more to pick up something useful and use it to advance your self-development.

Sometimes, in your over-zealousness to get your opinion accepted, you may may statements that could be interpreted by your listeners, as offensive. They may keep quiet and walk away but may no longer wish to have anything to do with you in future. Except you realize your mistake and apologize when it’s still possible. Then what should you do?

You learn better when you listen more and say nothing more than few questions. Yes, your views are important, but they must be well researched. Now know this; you are respected for saying something useful. Have your opinion on an area which you are an authority.

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