Inspirational Beliefs That Overcome A Big Loss.

A loss is a disappointment. A big loss may hurt so much to the point of frustration.

Then when you are frustrated, you see yourself having a free fall, down towards darkness and hopelessness. And unless something happens to break that fall, you are ruined.

You need something of a near miracle to stop you from going down and going into extinction? You need to have a strong belief that survival is only possible back on the top and not down there in darkness. It is this belief that would cause you to stretch out your arms and hands and, try to grab and hold onto anything that could stop you from descending further.

So hold onto beliefs of ‘It’s not over yet’, ‘I can do it’ and ‘I just have to try one more time’. These are beliefs which could give you wings, stronger wings to fly out of darkness and back to the top. It is at the top alone, that you could turn your loss to a big gain. So, believe now and fly back to the top.

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