In Need.


♣ In Need♣

Who are you?

You are a nobody until you have somebody who needs you. Now understand this that you are only needed when you are useful and available.

So, no matter how good you are or how wealthy you are, if you are not available, easily accessible and generous, you wouldn’t be needed. The people would understand that you are not to be bothered and that your personal interests are first and last in your life. And when you need them, they would understand that you are in real need. They have a choice to either be there for you at a very high price or not to be there for you at all no matter how much you would be willing to pay. In other words, they would make themselves unavailable and inaccessible. You can’t stand alone in life, can you?

What is the foundation of life ?

Life is built around you and others, everybody matters. It is not about you alone, you can’t be all and you can’t do all you must do in order to help yourself. You need others to help you get up when you are down and when you are up there, don’t walk away from others, or they would walk away from you and take away with them, the back upon which, you climbed to the top. The foundation of a great life is built on having needs, exchange of needs and satisfaction of needs. And this is the foundation of everybody’s existence, including you.

So how do you achieve real growth in life?

Real growth in life is achieved by making conscious and sincere efforts at placing the growth of others first. Find out what the world is responding to and moving toward. Discover that sunlight for growth. And be the sunlight they need to sprout, grow and bear fruits. The need for the growth supporting sunlight, is everybody’s need in the world. The source of the sunlight doesn’t have to be the same but every provider, fills a need that is fundamental to human existence.

It is not difficult to know a fundamental need because as a human being, you have basic needs too. So, when you find out what yours are, you have found out what others need too. And when you find out how to satisfy just one of those basic needs of yours, you have found out how to satisfy a need for many people, who would respond by leading you to the environment where real growth is achieved.

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